This is the information policy for the Ottawa Chapter of HTCIA.

It is important to identify that HTCIA International is mandated to collect dues and manage all membership and as a result all HTCIA member information is held by HTCIA International and is beyond the control of HTCIA Ottawa. This information is held in the U.S.A., is subject to the laws of U.S.A. and the State of California and the privacy policy of HTCIA International (which does not appear to be posted on the HTCIA International website).

It is also important to identify that HTCIA organizational bylaws include the following clause:

“Every International Board Director shall have the absolute right at any reasonable time to inspect all books, records and documents of every kind and the physical properties of the corporation and each of its subsidiary Chapters.”


Personal Information

HTCIA Ottawa maintains personal information on both members and non-members.

Communications Information

HTCIA Ottawa maintains a database of contact information which may include but may not be limited to the following: names, postal addresses, phone numbers and electronic (email) addresses. This information is kept for members, past members, and non-members who have submitted contact information.

The primary purpose for keeping this information is to send notices to individuals or groups about upcoming meetings, organizational notices, and other notices of interest. Communications information held within HTCIA Ottawa is not disclosed outside of HTCIA.

At any time any individual may request not to receive further communications from HTCIA Ottawa. Such requests will be honoured with the exception of a last communication requesting confirmation and possibly a request for feedback which may improve the association. HTCIA Ottawa has no responsibility related to communications originating from HTCIA International.

Communications contact information is typically kept for a period of at least two (2) years after the last successful communications occurred and a maximum of eight (8) years

Communications made to HTCIA Ottawa via electronic or other media will often contain a name or alias and addressing information, along with any other information associated with the communication. Information from inqueries made to HTCIA Ottawa may be shared with persons outside of HTCIA Ottawa only when it is required in order to respond effectively to the query. We retain all email correspondence indefinitely for purposes of reflecting upon community feedback.

HTCIA Ottawa does not consider web site logs as personal information, however, in general this information is not to be shared. A goal for HTCIA Ottawa web site is to ensure that the site will operate with client Cookie support disabled.

Operational Information

Meeting attendance:
Information about individual’s meeting attendance is recorded, maintained for a period no less than seven (7) years, and subsequently destroyed within an additional year.

The reason that this information is collected and maintained is that it is required by some external certification organizations to verify participation. Such information is maintained by HTCIA Ottawa but typically will not be disclosed, even to a certification body, without the approval of the member in question.

Application Records:
Membership applications which are passed through HTCIA Ottawa will be archived for seven (7) years by the HTCIA Ottawa executive, and subsequently destroyed within an additional year. HTCIA International ultimately receives these applications and they will manage the information subject to U.S.A. and California laws, and HTCIA International bylaws.

Financial Statements, Executive Meeting Minutes and other Chapter Records:
HTCIA Ottawa will provide access to financial statements and executive meeting minutes to the membership. This can be requested by membership to the executive or via electronic archives if and when a membership-restricted service is made available. This information might be made public, upon assessment for personal information in the contents.

This information will be maintained for a minimum of seven (7) years.

Meeting Information

Most meeting information does not constitute personal information and the above “personal information” section does not apply, however this information is often maintained as “Electronic Documents”.

Meeting Notification

Pre-meeting notification of topic, speaker, and speaker biography are circulated to the HTCIA Ottawa membership and non-members who have subscribed to learn about the HTCIA Ottawa program, and this information is posted to the main HTCIA-Ottawa Internet site. Speakers should be informed of this base policy. Those speakers who do not find these terms acceptable may negotiate acceptable terms with the chapter president or chapter program chair. The associated members of the chapter executive are responsible to ensure that the agreement is understood by those accountable to maintain the communications channels and Internet presence. The agreement must be sent by the associated chapter executive to, while it is encouraged that the speaker also send a copy of the agreement to the same address.

Official chapter communications of meeting information

HTCIA Ottawa encourages presentation summary reports and presentation material being made available via the official public chapter Internet presence by the speaker in order to provide useful information to the community. Any presentation material made officially available by HTCIA Ottawa chapter, either to the public or restricted to the membership, must be sent to the associated executive arranging the presentation and to The terms of the distribution of the material as agreed to by the speaker must be identified in the correspondence.

Non-Official chapter communications of meeting information

HTCIA membership agreement includes the following clause:

“I agree to respect the confidential nature of any sensitive information, procedures, or techniques that I become aware of because of my involvement with the HTCIA.”

[], the HTCIA code, agreed to by members on their application.Speakers must be made aware that non-members may attend meetings. Concerned speakers are expected to tailor their presentations to such a community. Alternatively speakers must notify the executive at the time of scheduling that they require a membership only meeting. In such circumstances it would be prudent for the speaker to remind the audience in attendance of the presentation that only members are welcome and that members are bound to the above term of membership.

The Ten Privacy Principles – PIPEDA – Canadian Privacy Law

Although PIPEDA does not apply to HTCIA Ottawa, due to the lack of commercial activity associated with HTCIA, PIPEDA is used as the basis of the privacy policy for HTCIA Ottawa.

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, Part 1, addresses Personal Information Protection within Canada (subsequent Parts address Electronic Documents).

In brief:

“Organizations covered by the Act must obtain an individual’s consent when they collect, use or disclose the individual’s personal information. The individual has a right to access personal information held by an organization and to challenge its accuracy, if need be. Personal information can only be used for the purposes for which it was collected. If an organization is going to use it for another purpose, consent must be obtained again. Individuals should also be assured that their information will be protected by specific safeguards, including measures such as locked cabinets, computer passwords or encryption.

Principle 1 – Accountability
please review this document
Principle 2 – Identifying Purposes
please review this document
Principle 3 – Consent
please review this document
Principle 4 – Limiting Collection
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Principle 5 – Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention
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Principle 6 – Accuracy
The members of the executive are available for consultation.
Principle 7 – Safeguarding Customer Information
Private information managed by HTCIA Ottawa, in a physical format, is stored in locked filing cabinets and destroyed by shredder when expired, per the periods identified above.Private information managed by HTCIA Ottawa, in electronic format, is managed via computing systems maintained appropriately by HTCIA executive members, computing systems maintained appropriately by employers of HTCIA executive, and/or computing and communications facilities contracted by HTCIA Ottawa with appropriate agreements regarding privacy and security.

Principle 8 – Openness
In addition to making this document available, the members of the executive are available for consultation.
Principle 9 – Customer Access
The members of the executive are available for consultation.
Principle 10 – Handling Customer Complaints and Suggestions
The members of the executive are available for consultation. Contact information is available at, and possibly via channels at HTCIA International.Acknowledgement of queries should be sent within 5 business days of receipt by the executive.

Official responses to queries should be available within 30 days.