ARTICLE VI: Financial Records and Dues

Annual dues in an amount determined by the International Board of Directors will be assessed each member of each Chapter and shall be collected in a manner proscribed by the International Board of Directors and forwarded to the International Treasurer no later than the last day of March of each year.

At the time of payment of dues, the member’s name, employer, address, phone number, FAX number, email address shall be collected and forwarded to the International Secretary.

Annual Chapter dues shall be determined no later than thirty days before the beginning of the HTCIA fiscal year by the Chapter Board who shall immediately inform the International Office of their decision. The Chapter dues shall be collected in the manner prescribed by the International Board of Directors.

At the time of the payment of dues a renewal application must be completed and submitted to the Chapter Board for approval.

The International Executive Officers in accordance with any resolutions of the International Board of Directors shall issue a treasurer’s manual. The International Treasurer is responsible for the dissemination of the manual to all Chapter Boards.

All Chapters must abide by and follow the requirements and guidelines set forth in the HTCIA Treasurer’s Manual.

5 Updated and expanded at IBD meeting 8/26/07.

6 Added at IBD meeting 8/26/07.

7 This section was added at the IBD meeting on 8/26/07 replacing the section titled TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP FOR CAUSE.

8 Added at the 2009 IBD meeting.

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