ARTICLE IX Life Time Achievement Award 9

1.       The purpose of this award is to permanently recognize, in the strongest possible terms, those members who have significantly contributed to the goals of HTCIA.

2.       Nomination Process:

A.       90 days prior to the first day of the annual conference the International Secretary, will request nominations from each Chapter Board for this award. Nominees must meet the following minimum requirements to be accepted:

1.       Seven years good standing membership in the HTCIA and;

2.       Made a significant contribution to the goals of HTCIA. The following is a non-exhaustive list of factors that will be used to evaluate this requirement:

a.        Served as an officer at either the Chapter and/or International level of HTCIA;

b.       Assisted in the organization of a regional or annual HTCIA conference;

c.        Facilitated or assisted in the start-up of a new HTCIA Chapter;

d.       Advanced the prevention of high tech crimes through education and/or the development of tool(s) and or technique(s);

e.       Individually advanced the field of computer investigation, forensics, and/or security, through training and/or the development of tool(s) and/or technique(s);

f.         Assisted in the successful prosecution and/or litigation of case(s) involving advanced technologies; OR

g.        Other objective criteria announced by the International Executive Committee (IEC) at the request of nominations.

B.       All nominations must be received by the International Secretary within 60 days of the first day of the annual conference to be considered for the award in any given year. Previous year’s nominees will remain in the pool of candidates for two years from the date of their nomination, after which they must be removed from the list of candidates and must be re-nominated.

3.       Awarding:

A.       The IEC will review the nominations and vote. A nominee who receives the majority of the votes will be the award winner.

B.       Current IEC members may not be considered for the award during their term in office.

C.       IEC members will abstain from voting for any final nominees who are related to them by blood or marriage.

4.       Recognition:

A.       The award winner will be presented a plaque at the annual HTCIA conference.

B.       Their registration, travel, and lodging expenses for attendance at the conference in which they will receive the award will be paid by the HTICA.

C.       The award winner’s name and year of the award will be memorialized in HTCIA records and on HTCIA website.

5.       Prior Years Award Winners:

A.       Previous year’s winners will be considered to have fulfilled the above requirements without reservation.

B.       Previous year’s winner’s names and the year in which they received the award will be memorialized in HTCIA records and on HTCIA website.

9 Article IX and X, pertaining to Life Time Achievement and Case of the Year Awards were added in 2006.